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Its Our Promise To Establish A Fun, Exciting, Safe, AND Reliable Workplace.  

Our News And Social Media Define Who We Are And What We Bring To Our Teammates, Customers, And Our Community. 



10/06/2022: The Voice. The future of Work: Apprenticeship Program Helps Ease Workforce Pressures for Local Aviation Company.


The Voice

09/13/2021- Cantwell Announces $41Million to Protect Aviation Manufacturing Jobs in Washington State. 

03/02/2017: The Voice. Help Wanted. AR Aviation Services is finding success hiring veterans with the help of Camo2Commerce. 


The Voice Mar 2017
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06/15/2012: SpeedNews. The Source for Aviation News and Information.

  • AR Aviation Services expanded its facility in Tumwater, WA from 20,000 sq. ft. to 43,000 sq. ft. repair/overhaul of commercial aircraft parts. 

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New construction
New Consruction

05/01/2011: AR Aviation Services Builds phase 1 of new 145 Repair Facility.  

  • AR Aviation Services builds and moves into new facility in Tumwater, WA. 20,000 sq. ft. repair/overhaul of commercial aircraft parts. 

New Construction
New Construction

01/01/2009: AR Aviation Services rents aircraft hanger at the Olympia Airport to operate FAA Repair Station.    

  • Hangar is 3000 sq. ft. and new operations begin.  Over the next 2+ years, AR rents qty 5 ea. hangars and sets the goal of hiring the best employees.  

Ronnie and his parts
Lots of parts


  • AR Aviation Services was incorporated as a Washington State company.  Ronnie operated out of his garage until January 2009. 

Where it all began
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