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AR Aviation Services -
Reliability is our Reputation

Quality You Can Count On 

Veteran Owned Business

Why is our Reliability so Strong?

What is the Secret to a Successful QA Team?

What makes our Quality team special?

*Combined 100 years in component repairs.

*Honest, Ethical and Motivated Quality First.

*Their focus is on Quality, not quantity. 

*40,000+ units tagged and less than 0.5% warranty.

*Valuable mentors to our technicians.

*NDI: Liquid Penetrant Approved.

*The QA team works for the customer.

*At the end of the day, customers remember their quality. 

*Reliability came from Wisdom, Wisdom came from Experience, and Experience came from putting in the work.  *They believe Quality is not an act, it is a habit. 


What is our QA / QC About? 

Quality Assurance is about monitoring systems used to supervise the equipment and processes to ensure that all the standard requirements and regulations set by our Company, FAA, EASA and the Airlines are being met at every stage.

Quality Control focuses on the quality output of our technicians, verifying procedures are being followed and ensure that the manufacturer’s guidelines are being followed thoroughly.

Quality Team

Hunter S -Dir of Quality

Hunter S.

Dir. of Quality/Accountable Manager

360.236.9928 x105

Terry H -Quality Manager
Mike H - Quality Inspector

Mike H.

Quality Control

360.236.9928 x116

Cary C -Quality Inspector

Terry H.

Quality Assurance Manager

360.236.9928 x116

Cary C.

Quality Control

360.236.9928 x116

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