AR Aviation Services- Reliability is our Reputation.


AR focuses not just on the repair itself, but from the moment a customer calls, to when the part ships from our facility. Every step of the way gets our utmost attention. We have searched high and low for the best and greatest employees in the industry.  The pride our team carries with "Taking Care of the Customer" is truly unmatched.  We go above and beyond, thinking outside the box, to keep parts flying per regulatory standards> No one wins with a scrapped part.  All of these characteristics make for a winning combination.   





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Ronnie Hix



Ronnie is the owner of AR Aviation Services, Inc.  No outside investors. He is very passionate about the reliability of his company, the success of the employees and the satisfaction of the customers.         


He has his story... you just have to ask him and if you're lucky, he'll tell you.  

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FAA Repair Station: 2AAR048B    

EASA Repair Station: EASA.145.6113

Cage Code: 6DHF1


Sarah Shaw


360.236.9928 x 103

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Jessica Wall


360.236.9928 x109

Hunter Shattuck

Dir. of Quality/Accountable Manager

360.236.9928 x105

Katy Grulke

Director of Operations

360.236.9928 x115

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Terry Hall

Quality Manager

360.236.9928 x116

Joe Y 2022.jpg

Joe Yancy

Operation Manager

360.236.9928 x117

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John Stonelake (Batman)

Customer Service / Repairs

360.236.9928 x104


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Ramiro Gutierrez

Customer Service / Repairs

360.236.9928 x122