A&R Aviation Services Inc.
Main: 360.236.9928
Fax: 360.236.9929
Billing & Shipping address
7915 Old Hwy 99 SE
Tumwater WA, 98501

Hix, Ronnie
101 President
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Witcraft, Adam
102 Vice President  
Shaw, Sarah
103 CFO
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Mullins, Bethany
107 Receptionist/AP-AR  
Stonelake, John
104 Sales Manager
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Wall, Jessica
109 Repairs Manager
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Pape, Casey
114 Repairs Coordinator  
Hall, Terry
116 QA Manager  
Shattuck, Hunter
105 QC  
Schultz, Ken
106 QC  
DeSauleniers, Jason
108 QC  
Reyes, Soy
121 QC  
Lathrope, Andy
111 Shop Manager  
Haugsven, Mike
118 Shop Manager  
Grulke, Katy
115 Dir. of Logistics  
Lutterman, Neil
112 Shipping Supervisor  
Campos, Shaun
110 Purchasing  
Whalen, Chris
113 Purchasing  
Yancey, Joe
117 Purchasing  
Mullins, Milo
119 Stockroom  

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